Hilarious Holiday Fails (December 2017) | FailArmy

Christmas and Hanukkah are over, but the holiday fails don’t stop. Any of these remind you of your family? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you in the new year for some new awesome themed compilations!

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Cat Vs Owl https://goo.gl/Fjjoei
Kids Scared of Elf Doll https://goo.gl/ZG7Dp1
Dad Falls on Swegway https://goo.gl/2ZvHAz
Curious Cat Tries to Grab Christmas Ornaments https://goo.gl/W8HNHj
Girl Falls Trying to Kick Friend’s Hand https://goo.gl/T4Ym2s
Guy’s Cape Gets Caught on Stage
Singing Woman Knocks Person Into Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/3X9KLi
Guy Standing on Collapsing Table Takes Down Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/4g4sLH
Kids Pranked with Fake Christmas Gift https://goo.gl/eQjvU2
Guy Catches Falling Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/7nQSNA
Dog Knocks Camera off Toy Train
Animatronic Santa Does Belly Laugh https://goo.gl/bZfi5W
Bulldog with Bag on Head Runs into Couch https://goo.gl/C44nkE
Toddler Drops Baby During Nativity Scene https://goo.gl/kuagbN
Girl Fails to Dance to Vulgar Christmas Song https://goo.gl/T9xqHm
Girl Tells Santa She Wants Nap for Christmas https://goo.gl/C9F5vT
Boy Sings Christmas Song https://goo.gl/Ek1Ejp
Guy Drops Turkey into Deep Fryer https://goo.gl/aow9Xp
Woman Falls after Accidentally Tripping over Dog
Postman Slips on Snow While Delivering Package https://goo.gl/syGhYx
Cat Brings Down Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/yhqJfz
Baby Helps Put Decorations on Tree https://goo.gl/qFqJFT
Guy Suspended in the Air Falls to the Ground
Waste Management Truck Can’t Pick up Tree https://goo.gl/VUDxum
Girl Walks Dog Dressed in Christmas Outfit
English Bulldog Pulls Down Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/Upi4ZG
Overcooked Turkey for Thanksgiving https://goo.gl/rYyA4z
Girl Drops Christmas Cookie Jar https://goo.gl/UHk7SB
Toddler Smashes Christmas Ball Ornaments Together https://goo.gl/dxLzM6
Christmas Tree Falls off Car and Breaks Side Mirror https://goo.gl/qQquns
Guy Dressed As Santa Falls Off Hoverboard https://goo.gl/XV8tqM
Burning Dish Pulled out of Oven https://goo.gl/UaCbMN
Australian Shepherd Tries to Get Mistletoe https://goo.gl/G8YXGJ
Girl Cries Over Defaced Portraits https://goo.gl/vXRh4c

Hilarious Holiday Fails (December 2017) | FailArmy